5 Beneficial Meals Makes You Sleep Better

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5 Beneficial Meals Makes You Sleep Better

Sleep is one of the important activities that can maintain body health. When we have enough sleep, when wake up in the morning the body will feel more fit, fresh and healthy. Conversely, when we have less sleep time or poor sleep quality, not infrequently this will make us feel lazy, the body feels heavy and headache.

Quoted from the page boldsky.com, sleeping less quality bad for health. These effects include premature aging in the face, decreased immune system, lack of concentration, the appearance of dark circles in the eyes to obesity and excessive nervousness. For that, it is important for everyone to have a good sleep quality every day.

In order to get a good sleep quality is actually very easy really. There are some foods that can be consumed and useful to make you sleep more soundly and quality. These foods include the following.


Most fish contain nutrients in the form of vitamin B6. It is this vitamin that helps produce hormones in the body where these hormones help make sleep more soundly. In addition, fish also contains a myriad of nutrients that make feelings more comfortable and calm.

Almond nut

The second food that is useful to make sleep more soundly is almonds. Nutrition contained in almonds can make the body muscles become more relaxed, feeling more calm and comfortable. If you're on a diet plan, do not be afraid to keep eating almonds because there's very little saturated fat in them.


In addition to making feelings become more comfortable, happy and calm, the nutrients contained in tea also make sleep more and more soundly. When tea is consumed in the right portion, it can help you get better quality sleep.

Banana Fruit

The next food that makes sleep more soundly is a banana. Nutrition contained in a powerful banana balancing hormones in the brain that helps make sleep quality more and more maximal.


The fifth useful food that makes sleep more and more soundly is oatmeal. The content of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicone and potassium in it helps you get better quality sleep every day.

Those are some foods that are useful to make you sleep more soundly. In addition to the above foods, other foods that can also be used to improve the quality of sleep include cereals, kiwi fruit and dark chocolate. I hope this information is helpful.

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