How to deal with acne scars, this is the answer

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How to deal with acne scars, this is the answer

After the 'drama' over acne, often we still have to face new problems in the form of acne scars. Relax, there are many treatment options to eliminate the stain.

Acne scars basically arise due to inflammation in the skin plus the habit of squeezing acne with inappropriate techniques.

According to Dr. Steffy Aditya explanation, acne scars can be categorized into three types, namely the blackness (hyperpigmentation), reddish stains, and scars-shaped concave or so-called pockmarked.

"If it is blackish, it can be used with creams and other therapies, and if reddish stains indicate excessive blood flow, it will be more evil," said the doctor from skin clinic NMW Skincare Kalimalang Bekasi.

Steffy added, patients with reddish acne blemishes will be advised to perform a variety of dermatology therapy, either PRP (platelet rich plasma), IPL (intense pulse light), or laser.

As for pimple-shaped scabies, dermatology therapy is more effective to disguise the stain. "All we want is to grow new skin to cover the pockmark," he said.

Selected dermatological treatment can be tailored to patient activity, skin type, age, and also patient treatment fund.

"To get rid of acne scars takes longer, it can be up to 5 times the therapy with a distance of one month, but if it has only faded three times already is enough," said Steffy.

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