It Turns Out That These Four Parts of The Body Can Not be Touched


The Four Parts Of The Body Can Not Be Touched Blindly

CIMAHI. The body does require certain care to stay healthy and awake, one way is to give attention and touch. However, there are some doctors who say that some parts of the body that require attention, but do not use the touch aka hand.

Then what are the parts of the body that can not be touched by hand? Here's the review:


Face is a very sensitive area. Therefore, do not try to hold your face with your hands before you clean it first with soap. Because even if you've cleaned your face, most of the germs and bacteria present on your face come from your fingers. This makes the face easy to experience acne.

2. EYE

Because of the itching, many people end up rubbing their eyes. If this habit is routine you do, you should stop now, instead of rubbing it by hand, better give eye drops.

The eye is the most delicate part of the body and should be handled with caution, since most eye infections occur because of the constant touch by hand.


Not a few people who touch the ear canal, especially when bathing. In fact, this can harm you, because the skin in the ear canal is very thin, so it's dangerous if you keep your hands in it. Not to mention if your hands are dirty, germs can easily get into your ears.


Inside our noses live good bacteria that can keep the nose healthy. When the hand touches the nose, the bacteria in the hand can migrate to the nose and its existence can disrupt the balance of good bacteria that is in your nose. Especially if the season is cough and flu. Should not hold your nose does not mean you can not clean it. However, to be more secure, use a clean handkerchief.


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