The benefits of a face mask from turmeric and how to make it

The benefits of a face mask from turmeric how to make it

Benefits of Turmeric Mask For Beauty And How To Make It - Many types of facial skin masks that we can use as facial skin care. We can get skin mask by buying in store or minimarket nearby, but we also can make your own face mask from natural ingredients that exist around us. With natural ingredients other than much cheaper is also safer because it does not contain chemicals. Now many women are switching to using masks from natural ingredients, even among artists also have many who moved using a natural mask compared with manufactured beauty products factory.

Natural mask itself there are many kinds, depending on the main material used as a mask. But talking about the natural mask, this time we will give an explanation about the benefits and how to make a facial mask of turmeric or also called turmeric mask. Turmeric itself is a plant of spices that flourish in Indonesia, turmeric is commonly used as one mix of herbs. But turmeric can also be used as a face mask.

Turmeric mask though still sound unfamiliar to some people. But many women who use turmeric mask as one of the ritual beauty treatments. This is because the benefits of turmeric extraordinary for skin beauty, especially facial skin. Here are the benefits of turmeric mask for skin beauty.


Benefits of turmeric mask

1. Brighten skin

The first benefit of treatment using a turmeric mask is to brighten the skin. Like other natural masks, turmeric has the ability to brighten the skin. In addition turmeric also gives the effect of yellow color, so the skin becomes bright yellow naturally beautiful langsat.

2. Antipigmentation

Turmeric contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory that can overcome the problem of pigmentation. Pigmentation will cause skin discoloration to darken, so by using turmeric mask, dark skin problems can be resolved.

3. Lifting dead skin cells

The problem of dead skin cells in addition to making the skin becomes rough, dead skin cells also cause the skin becomes dull and uncomfortable to look at. But you do not have to worry, the problem of dead skin cells can be overcome by using a turmeric mask, or you can also use it as a scrub on the skin.

4. Smooth the skin

In addition to brighten the skin, using a turmeric mask on a regular basis can also make the skin smooth and smooth smooth. This is because crude skin problems such as dead skin cells will be lifted so that the skin becomes clean and smooth.

5. Overcoming acne problems

The problem of acne is the most common skin problem experienced by everyone. Although only a small bump, but acne can damage the appearance that makes people become not confident. Acne problems can be overcome by using turmeric mask. Turmeric contains anti-septic and anti-inflammatory that can kill the bacteria that cause acne, so the problem of acne can be overcome and prevented by using turmeric mask.

6. Overcome blackheads

Not only acne alone, other skin problems such as blackheads can also be overcome by using a turmeric mask. Turmeric mask will clean the dirt and clogged dust on the pores of the skin that became the main cause of blackheads, with the problem of clogged skin pores resolved, the problem of comedones can be overcome and prevented coming back.

7. Lowering skin pores

Having a large pore skin problem is also not a trivial matter. Large skin pores in addition to looking bad also cause the skin becomes rough and easy to experience skin problems such as acne or blackheads. But you do not perli worried, routine maintenance using turmeric mask can shrink the pores of the skin, so the skin becomes smooth and soft.

8. Prevent and overcome the problem of aging

The problem of aging such as wrinkles or fine lines is a very frightening specter for women. Aging will make women unattractive, especially if aging appears at a young age or often called the term aging young, will be very disturbing. But you do not have to worry, aging problems can be prevented and overcome by using turmeric mask. Turmeric will help in disguise cramps and fine lines, and tighten the skin so that the skin looks always young and beautiful natural.

9. Remove black spots on facial skin

The problem of black spots often make women become confident, black spots are dead skin cells that accumulate like acne scars or so on. As described above where turmeric mask is capable of lifting dead skin cells, it means the problem of black spots can also be overcome by using turmeric mask.

10. Eliminate scars

The scars are very disturbing, especially if the scars are on the skin. The problem of scar can also be overcome by using turmeric mask, the way is very easy, that you tingga apply turmeric that has been mashed and mixed with water on the scar, let stand for 15 minutes and rinse with water until clean. Do it every day for the scars to disappear quickly. You can also mix olive oil or honey in turmeric.

11. Eliminate feathers on facial skin

For men who have lots of hair on facial skin will look maco, but for women it is a big problem. Well you can overcome or reduce hair growth on facial skin using turmeric mask.

12. Smooth the cracked heel

Not only smoothing facial skin, turmeric mask is also able to smooth the heel that cracked. The trick is very easy, apply a turmeric mask on the heel as you rub gently and let stand for a few minutes before you rinse it with water.

How to make turmeric mask

Same with other masks to make turmeric mask is very easy, first you prepare fresh turmeric, then you peel and discard the skin, grated turmeric until soft. But if you want to be practical you can use turmeric powder you can buy the market or the nearest tokok, mix turmeric powder with water sekucupnya to form a paste. You can also mix it with honey, olive oil, milk, yohgurt, oatmal, lemon water or other natural ingredients your susuka. Apply on the facial skin, let stand for approximately 15 minutes and rinse with water until clean.

Thus information about the benefits and how to make a turmeric mask. Also read the benefits and how to make other natural masks only here. Hopefully the above information useful. Thanks.

source : perawatankulitwajah212

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