The Benefits of Plants for Humans

Of course there are so many different types of plants around us, but do you know that there are many benefits of plants for humans? Plants have a very important role for life on this earth, and have you ever imagine if there is no plant in this earth? It's a horrible thing is not it?

- The Benefits of Plants for Human Lives -

In this article, I will discuss about the benefits of plants for humans. Here's more detail about the benefits of plants for humans:

1. Air Purifier

In addition to being able to help absorb carbon dioxide gas and various pollutants in the air, plants are producers of oxygen so as to provide oxygen to the air becomes cleaner. Moreover, the current pollution in the air is very worrying such as pollution from various factories, motor vehicles, cigarette smoke, bad gases such as nitrogen, ammonia, carbon dioxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide and others. Plants that have many branches and twigs can filter out more dust and dirt in the air.

2) Cooling the Air

Areas that have very hot weather if planted with plants will become cool gradually, this is related to oxygen produced by the plant itself as insulin from photosynthesis. Air contaminated by pollution will be replaced with fresh air when it touches the leaves.

3) As a Source of Food

Plants are a source of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fiber, fat and other compounds that are very beneficial to humans. Some of the substances contained in the plant can provide energy and some nutritional intake and nutrients to make the human body stay healthy and fit. However, there are you have to remember that not all plants contain good nutrition because there are several types of plants that are even toxic and very dangerous if consumed by humans.

4) Protect from the Sunshine

Plants can also be used as a shelter from the heat of the sun and while the rain hit. When exposed to sunlight and rain water in a high enough level, it will make the body becomes unhealthy. Well, shade tree is also very useful as a shelter.

5) Building Material Materials

Plants can function as a building material that is taken from the wood. There are several types of wood that is currently very strong and can be used to make the building is like: teak, mahogany, sengon, albasia and others. However, wood taken from these plants can also be used as a variety of household furniture including: tables, chairs, cabinets and more.

6) Aesthetic Value Adders

Plants are useful as aesthetic value enhancer, when used as an ornamental plant. In today's world, there are many types of plants that have beautiful flowers with charming colors that make people who see it become more comfortable.

7) Apparel Materials

Various plants can produce raw materials such as yarn, such as cotton, hemp, banana abaka.

8) Drugs

Plants can also be used as medicines that can be mixed with chemicals or consumed herbs. However, today most people prefer to use plants as herbal remedies because it is safer and does not cause side effects. Some of the plants used as medicines include:
Roots contained in ginger, temulawak, turmeric, kencur.
Leaves contained in papaya leaves, bay leaves, betel leaf and guava leaves.
The stems contained in the tree trunk pulasari, cinnamon and dadap sari.
Flowers contained in the flower girlfriend water, flower peanut plates, jasmine flowers, flower shoes, bungga chicken comb and flower knob.
Seeds contained in nutmeg seeds, pecan seeds, betel nut, jatropha seeds and others.

9) Industrial Raw Materials

At present, many industrial products use raw materials from plants. Namely: rubber tree sap, pine resin, palm oil, coffee beans, tea.

There are also several types of plants that have its own benefits, such as:

1) Coconut Tree

  • Its young leaf or known as a janur for wedding decoration and making ketupat.
  • The old leaves to make the roof of a traditional house.
  • Dry leaves for fuel or firewood.
  • The trunk for building materials.
  • Meat kelapanya for food and make cooking oil.
  • Young coconut to make coconut ice.
  • Coat kelapanya to make a doormat, broom the floor.
  • Bone leaves to make broom stick.
  • The roots for firewood.
  • Coconut is still very young to mix or seasoning Pepes.

2) Teak Trees

  • The trunks for building materials such as jedela frames and doors, door leaves, tables and chairs.
  • The old leaves to wrap tempeh and rice.
  • Young leaves for dye.
  • The root to prevent erosion.

3) Cassava

  • Umbinya for food such as getuk, lanting and kripik.
  • The trunk for firewood.
  • The leaves for vegetables and fodder.

4) Rattan

  • To create meubeul.
  • To make a takraw ball.
  • To create a holahop.

5) Bamboo

  • The shoots for groceries.
  • The trunk is for building materials and handicrafts.

6) Cotton and Kapok

  • To make a cloth.
  • Kapok to make the mattress.

7) Mangrove Plant

  • To prevent coastal abrasion.
  • For breeding fish.

8) Dammar

  • The trunk to make a match material.
  • The sap to make turpentine.
  • The root to prevent erosion.

9) Agarwood and Sandalwood

  • The trunk to make the craft.
  • The root to prevent erosion.
  • To make perfume and cosmetics.

10) Pine

  • The trunk for match material and pulp for paper material.
  • The root to prevent erosion.
  • The sap to make turpentine.
  • Gondorukem oil for batik making.

11) White Wood and Lemongrass

  • Essential oils to make perfumes, cosmetics and perfumes.

12) Sago

  • The trunk for groceries.
  • The leaves to make the roof of a traditional house.

13) Lontar Tree

  • The trunk is for building materials, household appliance and handicraft.
  • Leaves the leaves to make a rope.
  • Its leaves for the media of scriptwriting and craft materials such as: mats, fans, hats, various baskets, woven for clothes and sasando.
  • Nira to make sugar.

14) Distance

  • Oil to make fuel or biofuel and lubricants or oil.

15) Rubber

  • The root to prevent erosion.
  • Sap to make tires.

Thus information about the benefits of plants for humans are very important existence. Therefore we as humans should not damage the plants for our own comfort and security. Without the plants there will be a variety of disasters on earth because one of the benefits of plants is to absorb water in the soil to make the soil stronger. So many times and thank you.

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