The Right Breakfast Menu to Achieve Ideal Weight

The right breakfast menu can help you get the ideal weight

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Having the ideal weight is everyone's dream. To make it happen, you really do not need to do a myriad of treatments that require a large fee. You just need breakfast!

In fact, there are many studies that mention that breakfast is one way that proves effective to gain ideal body weight. This is because breakfast can provide benefits in the form:

1. Reduce hunger

Eating food in the morning can help suppress hunger until lunch time arrives. This condition will make you avoid a variety of snacks "stomach booster", which can actually increase weight.

Not only that, satiety is obtained after breakfast is also able to control your desire to eat lunch in excessive portions.

Meanwhile, if you skip breakfast, then the body's insulin response will increase. This situation makes the risk of fat storage becomes higher, so the weight gain can not be avoided anymore.

2. More energy

A healthy breakfast will complement your body's nutrition in the morning, and replenish the glycogen that muscles need to perform daily activities. With this, your body can burn calories and fat better.

Meanwhile, if you skip breakfast every day, it's quite possible you will feel more weak and not excited during the move.

Healthy breakfast menu

In order for breakfast can really play a role in realizing your dream to have ideal weight, here are some menus that can be selected:


High grain will be fiber, which can make you feel full longer. In addition, wheat also contains high antioxidants that can help your body fight free radicals.

In the end, breakfast wheat every morning will help you to lose weight, while preventing infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.


Do you love to eat eggs? Try to make it as a daily breakfast menu.

Eggs are rich in protein and choline. Both of these nutrients can act as a suppressor of hunger, also to support the health of the brain and your heart. Meanwhile, lutein and zeaxanthin present in egg yolks are good antioxidants to prevent eye disorders such as cataracts and macular degeneration.


Like the two foods above, yoghurt can also increase the hormone that acts as a suppressor of hunger. In addition, these dairy products also contain good probiotics for the health of your digestive tract.

However, for those of you who have mag diseases, should avoid breakfast with yoghurt. This is because yoghurt can increase the production of stomach acid, especially if consumed on an empty stomach.


Fruits that contain high calories is very good to complement your breakfast menu everyday. Some of the fruits that you can make a choice are bananas or avocados.

Example of a healthy breakfast menu

Here are some examples of healthy breakfast menu that you can make as a benchmark.

  • Menu 1

Mix ¾ cup of wheat with small bananas. This breakfast menu contains only 250 calories, and is quite able to withstand hunger until lunch time arrives.

  • Menu 2

Two half-cooked eggs combined with a glass of pure orange juice are also good for you to consume at breakfast. This healthy menu contains about 250 calories.

Once the importance of breakfast in order to help you lose weight, you should not miss it anymore. Remember to combine the consumption of healthy breakfast menu with exercise regularly and regularly.

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