Toothpaste can heal acne, myth?


Toothpaste can heal acne, myth?

CIMAHI. Have you ever woken up on a day where you had to make a presentation or date, but found a red nosebleed appear on your face? When that happens, what will you do?

Some people may suggest you use toothpaste to remove acne that interfere with that appearance. The question is, is this the right way to deal with acne? What does a dermatologist say about the use of toothpaste on acne?

Director of cosmetic and clinical research in the field of dermatology RS Mt. Sinai New York, Zeichner, M.D recognize that the trick is common to many people.

"Toothpaste is used as an alternative to treating acne because it contains triclosan, an antimicrobial ingredient that helps kill the bacteria that cause acne on the skin," he said.

The problem is, triclosan is a controversial material. This material is often blamed for hormonal disorders in some studies, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States. As a result, some toothpaste is no longer include triclosan in the womb.

Even so, toothpaste can still be used to wipe out your acne in an emergency, said Dr. Zeichner, because most toothpastes contain drying agents such as baking soda and alcohol.

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"Toothpaste can dry out acne, and reduce the amount of red in acne," said Zeichner. The problem is, the concentration of the substance that is destined for your teeth is harder than can be used on your skin.

"Therefore if you have other medications to treat acne, I recommend using it instead of toothpaste," he said.

However, if you are forced to use toothpaste to clean the acne, make sure to choose a formula that does not contain bleach, mouthwash, or color, all of which can cause skin irritation and make the acne more sinister. In conclusion, use this trick as a last resort when there is no other way.

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