5 Error Wearing Underwear for Health

5 Error Wearing Underwear for Health

Error wearing underwear often we do unconsciously. The type of underwear you choose plus your daily habits can have a major impact on your health. If you make a mistake in wearing underwear, then it can harm your intimate area. Underwear or underwear is an important protector for the intimate parts of women and men.

5 Error Wearing Pants

Here are five mistakes to wear underwear that we may often do.

1. Mistake 1: Clothes are tight

Underwear that is not too tight generally unattractive (hello, protrusion and visible pengerut), but also can trigger itching on the skin and vaginal irritation, especially if you have menopause. Any underwear that is tight enough to rub your skin can lead to irritation. If your skin is not irritated, then tight outfits will not hurt you. But if you feel irritated by friction, then it is not recommended.

2. Mistake 2: Thongs

If you have a tendency to get yeast or bacterial infection, the rope will only make things worse. Thongs can be a unique transport vehicle for bacteria from back to front. Refers to the spread of E. coli from the anus to the vaginal area. There was a lot of movement with the rope, shifting back and forth-not staying in place.

Thin underwear can be more annoying, as more contact with the vaginal and vulva areas, but that does not mean women can not wear them - you just need to find the type that is right for you.

if you like to wear a rope and do not cause discomfort, then do not wear it.

3. Mistake 3: Underwear at night

Most experts are fully nude sleepers. Many ways people sleep, some wear pillows, bolsters, bare chest and also do not wear panties. Not wearing panties? Yes, there are people who sleep not wearing underwear. Maybe it seems unusual, but it turns out there are benefits of sleep without underwear for those who often do.

4. Mistake 4: Sweatpants

Women and men who tend to sweat should change their underwear regularly - twice a day, as opposed to once a day for people who usually stay dry. And anyone working outside should wear clean clean pants as soon as possible. The warm and humid environment is the right place for bacteria to grow.

People who are prone to sweat invest in underwear made from water-moisturizing agents and avoid cotton underwear, which tends to stay wet. You can try wearing panty liner. That way, if you are not in a position to change underwear, at least you can replace the panty liner or remove it.

5. Mistake 5: Detergent

Is it an unexplained itch in an uncomfortable place? Even if you do not consider yourself to have sensitive skin, your vaginal area may not agree. Another common irritation is the form of contact dermatitis, the number one it is your laundry detergent. The tissue your underwear worn for contact with is much more sensitive than your elbow.

Use a fragrance-free detergent, as well as other clothing products that use fragrance. Clothing products that use perfume can irritate sensitive skin in the vaginal area.

While you can make the mistake with the underwear you choose to wear, the infection is usually not a big deal for women over 50. The good news about menopause is that your pH changes, making you less likely to get fungal infections and bacterial infections.

Keep the cleanliness of your panties to avoid fungi and bacteria that can damage your sex organs.

source : polahidupsehat.org

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