Want to Have White Skin? Consider Skin Whitening Tips This Naturally

Want to Have White Skin? Consider Skin Whitening Tips This Naturally

From panduanibu.com - Generally, every woman wants white skin, because having white skin will improve the appearance. By having white skin can certainly increase the confidence is high. Most females grow up with skin conditions that are acne, dry, dull, black spots and so on. Usually these women do scrubbing to make skin menjaidi brighter. For maximum results, should scrubbing by using lemon. Lemon grapefruit is great for cleansing the skin from dead layers of skin that accumulate. In addition, lemon juice can also remove dirt that clogs the skin pores as well as opening it so that the skin can breathe and absorb the nutrients from beauty products. How to use this lemon for scrubbing is cut lemon into 2 parts, then take the water and add sea salt. Then apply and make a scrub on the elbows, heels, and knees.

Another way to whiten the skin is with avocado. The content of vitamins in avocados include vitamins A, E, C and also iron that can whiten the body naturally. The oil content contained in the avocado can moisturize the skin of the body so it is suitable if used for mothers who have dry skin. Using avocado to whiten the skin the way is to smear the avocado fruit using a blender can be mixed with lime juice of approximately 1 tbsp, then balurkan the avocado to all parts of the body evenly. Wait for up to 15 minutes or wait until it is rather dry and stiff on the body then rinse with cold water.

In addition to the above two ways, to whiten the skin can also be done with regular exercise, because exercise can overcome health problems including maintaining skin health. In addition, Mother also needs to provide 8 glasses of mineral water per day to keep the body moist and not dry due to lack of fluids.

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