4 Sex Positions That Make Men Long Lasting in Bed

Health Life Edu - There are men who easily reach climax with certain sex positions. This often makes the wife upset about having to end the intimate activities.

If the husband is the easy type of 'done', you do not get upset. Apparently, there is a trick for husbands and wives to be satisfied and enjoy sex. One is to choose the right sex position, and here are some sex positions that can be done.

1. Oral sex

This position is very beneficial for women, but can stimulate the intimate area with more leverage, the couple does not need to involve Mr.P to make you orgasm.

2. Doggy style by bending the knee

Sex position like this makes penetration Mr.P will not be too deep to Miss V so it can reduce the intensity of stimulation and make sex longer.

3. Missionaries plus other stimuli

Making love with missionary position is easy to make the husband climax. However, the husband can help the wife more quickly orgasm by providing stimulation in the clitoris area.

4. Stand up

It may be a little difficult, but it turns out to have sex with standing can reduce sexual intensity so that the game can last longer.

There are four sex positions that you can try at home if your husband is a very easy climax, ladies. May your love life satisfy.

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