5 Signs of Cigarette Have Begin to Ruin Your Respiratory System

Health life - Cigarettes do contain substances that are harmful and contain toxins that can interfere with the health of the body as well as can cause serious diseases in the body, one of which is a disturbance in the respiratory system.

The most common and perceived impact of tobacco smoke on the respiratory system, even if the impact is severe enough, the most fatal consequences can occur.

As we know, the toxins in cigarettes are silio toxic. A cigarette can kill a cilium (hair shakes in the airway), if this goes on continuously, then the damage can be more severe. Some signs or characteristics of cigarettes have begun to damage the respiratory system in the body, among others:

cough with phlegm

One of the most common respiratory disorders experienced by smokers is chronic bronchitis. Symptoms include inflammation or inflammation that causes a cough that does not heal, which is accompanied by excessive excretion of sputum or phlegm.
Because cigarette smoke is also toxic toxic, chronic bronchitis sufferers will also lose the function of cilia or vibrating hairs in the airways so that sputum discharge mechanism is disrupted. One result is obstruction or obstruction of the airways.

Hard to breathe

The worsening asthma or breathlessness also includes the most common disorders experienced by smokers, especially those who do from the beginning have a history of the disease. In addition to worsen, exposure to cigarette smoke is also often a trigger for the recurrence of asthma attacks.
In addition to asthma, smoking can also trigger shortness of breath due to other conditions such as damage to lung tissue and also swelling in the section.

The lungs are swollen

If likened to a rubber band, the healthy lungs are resilient or elastic. If already exposed to cigarette smoke, lung tissue will be swollen in size but soft texture like rubber bands soaked in kerosene. 

The lung that is wiped out but decreases its function is experienced by smokers who suffer from emphysema. Medically, this condition is characterized by loss of elasticity of lung tissue and accompanied by damage or tear of the alveoli or air sac so that oxygen difficult to enter.

Weight drops dramatically

Diseases that are often touted as the worst impact of cigarette smoke is lung cancer. This type of cancer is nicknamed "good-natured cancer" because it does not cause pain in the early stages, since the lungs do not have nerve tissue.

Not many symptoms can be observed as early signs of lung cancer. But most people with lung cancer experience weight loss is very drastic and can only be discovered if the cancer after further examination.

Chest pain

Lung cancer that has entered the advanced stage is often characterized by chest pain, when the growth of cancer tissue began to urge other organs in the chest cavity. These complaints are also often accompanied by shortness of breath as the chest cavity narrows.
When it enters an advanced stage, the lung cancer survival rate that is often expressed in 5-year survival rate is only about 13 percent. Of the various cases ever encountered, only 10-20 percent of lung can heal with surgery.

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