Error Organizing Bedrooms That Can Make You Difficult Sleep

Health Life - The rooms are a favorite place and are the ultimate destination for lying down and resting after a tiring daily activity. But many people who feel his body is still tired and lethargic despite just waking up.

There are many reasons that can make the body still feel tired despite just waking up, one of them is because of a sleep disorder that can interfere with your sleep quality.

Because, if the quality of sleep is healthy then the thing that is felt after waking up is the body will feel fresh and eager to start the activity in the morning.

One of the sleep disorders that are often experienced by many people is because of insomnia. Despite trying to close my eyes and try to sleep, but still sleep disturbances are still there.

Actually there are several factors that cause sleep disorders occur, one of which is due to the wrong room layout that can cause sleep disorders.

Here are some mistakes in arranging the room causing sleep disturbance.


The condition of the room is messy and not tidy can cause sleep disorders that result you will be difficult to sleep. Immaculate rooms can also affect a person's mood and negatively affect the workings of the brain.

For that, from now on start put things in your room in a neat place so that the atmosphere of your room becomes more comfortable to be occupied.

With a neat room, then the quality of sleep will also be better.


Avoid the choice of paint color of the room is striking and bright, because it can interfere with sleep. To get a good sleeping quality, create a room with a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

Choose a paint color that gives the room a calm and comfortable atmosphere, some colors that can be a choice include blue, light blue, or green.

In addition, avoid also installing flashy and bright room accessories such as excessive lights, or room wallpaper that has light colors.


Room temperature is not ideal would be very disturbing your sleep, because it will make you uncomfortable while in the room.

Instead of resting, you are busy waking up many times in the middle of the night because of the heat or the cold due to the room temperature is not ideal.

Research shows that the best room temperature for sleep is 18-22 degrees Celsius. However, dr. Aparajitha Verma, a nerve specialist at Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas says that everyone's sleeping temperatures are different. Bottom line, do not let you get cold or overheated.


Conscious or not, poor quality mattress will make you difficult to sleep. Sarah Abate Rezvanifar, a Canadian designer recommends replacing an old mattress that is not comfortable to wear with a new mattress that has a soft contour so it is more comfortable.

Not only that, the use of a poor mattress will make the sleeping position becomes uncomfortable. This is reinforced by a statement from Robert Rosenberg, DO, a medical director of Sleep Disorders Center in Prescott Valley who states that the uncomfortable sleeping position can make you not get the benefits of optimal sleep.


Just like a mattress, sheets can also affect the quality of your sleep. Using a dirty bed sheet will certainly make your sleep uncomfortable and resulted in insomnia.

Even Liz Toombs, an interior designer of Pattern Dots and Rosebuds Interiors says that you need to consider what kind of fabric is suitable as your bed sheets. For example a soft cotton fabric and absorb sweat, satin, or the other.

In addition, replacing and washing bed linen should also be often done, at least once a month to keep your sleep comfortable.

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